Welcome All 😅

Last week I decided that my janky, poorly-formatted Squarespace site wasn’t cutting it, so I rebuilt my internet home base from scratch using Jekyll.

The purpose of this space is for me to both index and show off promote the best of many articles, photos, and apps that I pour my heart and soul into as well as to provide a window into my personality. In the top right of each page, you’ll find links to my social media (don’t hesitate to add me if you enjoy what I have to say 😊) as well as a PDF copy of my resume 📄.

I’m hoping that by maintaining a public presence in this manner, I will be more engaged with content production of all types and more laser-focused on perfecting the quality of the things I choose to spend time on. I don’t take myself super seriously, but I do approach my work in all aspects of my life with the utmost commitment to offering comprehensive and exhaustive solutions and results. You (my readers) are helping me hold myself accountable simply by existing. 👏 Thank you.

Much more content to come in the near future, but until then…

Rockets in 7 🚀